The main priorities of our brand include as follows:

- capability of driving complicated loads, in some cases more expensive and higher class rather than amplifier itself

- good compatibility with wide variety of signal sources, analog and digital from iPhone and net streamers to CD players of top price range

- flexibility of adaptation for home cinema purpose

- appurtenance to art design product class


- earth buses realization excludes earth loops through both signal cables \quasi-balanced topology\ and third wire of power supply chord

- unselected source is totally disconnected from input including it’s earth lead

- the sealed reed relay coils are fed from filtered precision current sources

- preamplifier comes with external power supply unit with toroidal mains 400 Wt transformer and 44 000 uF total electrolytic cans capacitance; it outputs 6 different voltages plus commutation circuits supply voltages

- power supplies are secondarily filtered from noise and fluctuations by means of built in preamplifier Trasher device creating 8 precision voltages

- power amplifier utilizes multi-cascode technology with power supply separation

- output current up to 25 A: each side of push-pull output stage incorporates two Sanken bi-polar transistors in NON-PARALLEL LAYOUT

- pure copper massive heat dissipaters made guarantee temperature stability and wild dynamics while high current peaks

- power supply for each channel: 500 Wt toroidal transformer and 44 000 uF total electrolytic cans capacitance

- electronic components from BHC \KEMET\, ELNA, Allen Bradley, ALPS, Silver Mica, Sanken, Furutech, Cardas

- wiring: KimbeKable, Furutech, Siltech, Linn, Acrolink, Goertz

LAYOUT GIVING LIBERTY TO THE SOUND: the signal chain is realized by point-to-point wiring, printed circuit boards are mounted freely floating way, by far not all the wires are secured and strapped, THEIR TRACES ARE SONICALLY OPTIMIZED —0000 it might not look so pretty on the picture, but it releases what was nipped before in music. The volume control potentiometer is freely suspended and mechanical decoupling from axis, connection leads are soft type.

Unfixed feet are made of vertical layered wood.


The headliner of the project is Irina Stroganova from Kansas City MO, designer and painter using watercolor and oil for her still life pictures.

- Mirrors

- Weather Report

- I want to play cards

- Dark Blue

- Mosaic

- Mardi Gras

Iryna Stroganova Art Show

STEREOTYPE: High End components has got to look extravagant and provocative like a space frying pan, yet designer gear is addressed to blondes and bankers: listening to it not recommended.

Such a conceptions we as usual trample under feet.

Each release of Tarim Audio is given it’s own name and possesses an appropriate visual image in color palette one can chose.

The FLOOD HOUSE conception was born in the medium of architects building houses in flooded areas — the main idea was to set the coziness with no relation to extreme circumstances.

The family could stay at the big bedroom balcony drinking tea even if the garden is flooded.

The rescue is somewhere close and quickly approaching.

Such a mood here is being translated by means of slant heat dissipater lines and engraving, mysterious top glass of preamplifier one can see through it the complex structure of hand wired layout deep inside \the picture shows prototype version\.

Warm copper heat dissipaters are covered with patina just like they stayed under water for long time.




The passion against element: there is availability of device control with gentle finger touch — sensor buttons and LED’s behind front panel glass actualize input select and mute functions.

The similar glass of power monoblock amplifiers demonstrates solitary flame cut off by the stream. Status indicator LED: main color — operation, contrast color — standby or alarm.

The rack is formed by three tubes \columns\ of copper bearing not just patina, but also the traces of mechanical damage \destiny strikes?\. The wood creates contrast: it’s light cold maple. And a cascade of greenish glasses — omnipresent water.


Color options: Table 1 Table 2

Tables appendix: Kraken — black case, chocolate face panel, Terra — black case, terracotta face panel \like trendy car color\, Spider Silk and Storm — moiré wet asphalt \the latter is specified as black in the table by mistake), Nocturne — velvet moiré blue which looks almost like black.

Upgrade is available where specified — sapphire glass for extra charge.

The color palette reflects the most frantic designer ideas. One could imagine, say, a couple of stands, armada of monoblock amplifiers for home cinema, bi-amping, multiroom.

A new devices are being invented. Keep following up.




Cooperation offers welcome:


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