Alexander Tarim
The founder of brand-name and designer of audio devices.


First profession — military electronic industry engineer and adjusting operator

Best years in the life — \Golden Age of Audio\ — creation of non-ordinary objects. Subject matters: magnetic tape recording, amplifiers, vinyl playback components, quadraphonic SQ.

Alternatives — multi-kilowatt lighting gear, mixers, loud sound. DJ with unique equipment of his own design.

Audio magazine expert, editor and author — unique chance to listen to, accept and evaluate the best world audio from the engineers point of view.

Installation projects — audio and home cinema in Theo Kalomirakis conception. Linn sound and visualization systems on big yachts

Exclusive vacuum tube project — FK integral amplifier. The monster. Hand made. Built in 3 years, one unit only, sold out \expensive\ and remained unbeatable at any price range \among tube amps \. Should be resumed?

All this is said in order to emphasize that for the individual with such a proclivities creating audio devices is just as natural occupation as breathing, eating, sleeping, drinking, having sex. Everyone dies in time.
And that fact, maybe, raises the value on one’s works.


— the natural translation of music sounds does not exist and never did. It’s ridiculous to demand the genuine thrill of violins and cellos from shivering pieces of carton. In fidelity aspect we haven’t move forward too far from Edison’s phonograph, just wheeze and noise amount has got lower.
— and no regrets about it. If truth was the aim of pictorial art, the digital camera would through Rubens and Michelangelo into the side. Audio is not the mirror. Audio is a kind of modern art which translates feelings rather than ephemeral truth.
«Different means sight. Like phantasmagoria it aims to the total replacement of real life perception» — Jim Morrison.
— a number of genial people in XX century have already turned the sound translation into the art. It’s important to analyze their approaches, technologies, theories and fortuities to continue on moving their way using new technologies.
«I wanted to start my work where Le Corbusier was interrupted» — Alain Bublex, the architect from Paris.
-magnificent acoustical systems are created, new sound recording and storing formats are continuously appearing, the music collections are endless, the true music lovers are often confused.
The good amplifiers’ mission is to obtain the harmony in such a situation.
Creating them is our goal.




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